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Getting to know me

I believe in meditation for a purpose

And I believe in my purpose. I believe in the importance of showing love to each other, sharing in the community, treating others with kindness, and seeking a greater connection with the Divine.  My purpose in this life is to create a community where you can find a safe space to heal, grow, evolve and live true to your purpose.  This community will exist in person, virtually, and through regular guided self-care practices. Sacred Pathways Retreats will strive to create engaging and informative tools to enhance your journey.  

My Story

Hello! My name is Tamara - and I am just a Texas girl living through my experiences traveling the world. I am a Scorpio, in every sense of the word, but please hold it against me- I promise I won't sting! I am only interested in embodying the Eagle archetype of my sign to lead others in

Faith, Trust and Self-Love! 


Ever since I was a young girl I have been fascinated by the world's religious teachings. A bit of an anomaly in my family, I could not get enough information so I started to go to worship services, devour books, watch documentaries, create ritualistic ceremonies, and attend a religious festivals. I have become a sort of expert on religion and spirituality.

When I was young, I began to notice that the world's religions have a couple of common threads:



So I dug a little deeper. And I believe I have found, "The Answer." Fortunately, it is inside of you. Where the Divine resides. And you can tap into it, whenever you are ready. 

I have studied astrology and have developed a comprehensive mediation plan for each astrological sign. I have guided those that I love into this understanding for the last few years, and I am now ready to expand my offering to the world. 


Through women's circles created with love and compassion, I have been able to communicate a clear direction to manifesting the life of your dreams into reality. Now I am helping others to lead their own communities in the deeply healing, spiritual journey of self-awareness. In addition, I am hosting two annual yoga & meditation retreats at my beautiful property in Costa Rica! 


During the Summer of 2022 I had the great pleasure of living in a yurt under the clear night sky. My shower was outdoors, my kitchen was outdoors, and my home was a spiritual, round house. I fell head over heels in love with the moon, the stars and the cyclical nature of our world. I saw truths I had only read about. I witnessed the changing of the stars and the seasons, and I made a glorious vow: I would dedicate my life to expanding my soul.


I made the vow to follow my soul's purpose, to trust in the Divine Plan and to practice daily Self-forgiveness. Along the way, I have met with many of my Shadows. It hasn't always been an easy path. But I know that I have started on my way to healing like never before. And I cannot express how excited I am to continue. And to share what I know, and how I can help others to recognize and follow their own soul's journey.  ​

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