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The Path to Community with Meditation, Astrology and Ceremonial Self-Care. 

Pebble Beach


Building community means making connections. Sacred Pathways Retreats was created to facilitate the building of community for one reason, I wanted to know more people who felt, thought and spoke like me. I wanted to share my ideas, knowledge and life with women who were also on a spiritual journey in this human experience. 

It starts with Women's Circles, continues in the community through yoga, sound baths, retreats, coffee dates, and intense conversations over lunch. Throw in some astrology & poetry and you've got a recipe for a good time!

Community is connecting in a safe and sacred way with other women to heal from our traumas. We can do this through active listening, ceremonial play, and  supporting each other in the virtual and real worlds. Being available and willing to listen to each other and offer support is sometimes all we need to thrive in our experiences. 

Find out how you can join a circle in your area, or start up your own Community with guided help from Sacred Pathways Retreats, LLC.

Pebble Beach

Spiritual Offerings


Monthly Women's Circle

In person women's circles are opportunities for us all to connect in community, and it is about time! We have been pretending that we are separated and that we have to fend for ourselves in the world. This couldn't be further from the truth because the truth is we are all connected. We are lost from that connection because we are no longer connected to the rhythms and cycles of nature. Reconnect with the moon. 


Guided Meditation
Journal Courses

The journals are available in print or digital format and will walk you through a mediation journey complete with journal prompts, thought provoking insight, and step-by-step guides to connecting to your True Self. 

Additional offerings include customizable meditation courses specific to each sign of the zodiac to help you find your True Purpose.


Astrology Readings

Using your date, place and time of birth I will create a detailed Astrological Reading for you.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have a Shadow side you cannot overcome? Do you wonder how you will progress in this life, and the next? With meditations that are designed for your natal chart, we will work together toward a path of purpose - don't wait for enlightenment, it is available to you now. 

Upcoming Events

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