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Moon Stages

Astrology & Manifestation

Humans have venerated the heavens for our entire existence. The evidence is in our ancient monuments. It is in the ancient sacred texts of the world. Mention is made of the heavens and their affects on the choices of Queens, Gods & Goddesses and women.

The full moon is a time of reflection. It is the pentacle of the moon cycle and is a time to “harvest“ our gains from the hard work we put in since the New Moon.

When you live in alignment, you will find a connection to the Full Moon that feels like abundance and fulfillment. Use this time to reflect on what worked for you this past cycle. Notice what needs to be tweaked and make notes for the changes you can make during the last quarter moon.

Sit in gratitude for what you have been able to accomplish and release what wasn’t meant for you.

Our journeys are each unique. We are hear with a purpose from the Divine Source. Perhaps we aren’t aware of our purpose yet, or perhaps we are already on the path. In all cases and without judgement, we know our own history. It makes us strong. At times, it shakes our foundation and we are called to build again. We can do great things, even when we feel small. If you believe in yourself. In your ability to manifest in this field of infinite possibilities.

So choose to show up in your purpose, little by little; day by day.


The Full Moon in Scorpio April 23, 2024

Full Moon

Connection is in Community

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